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New York Times Publisher Touts Future of Digital Journalism

As a result of Seymour M. After a string of legal battles between the state and environmental groups concerned about the potential danger such a project would cause to the Hudson, the U. Shortly after publishing the Pentagon Papers, the Justice Department blocked further publication through an order from the United States district court.

The Times begins publishing a "Correction" box directly under the news summary and index for stories previously reported with factual errors. Nasr, an Iranian-American political scientist and the dean of the Paul H. The Times didn't share his sentiments. The Times publishes its 70th Anniversary issue, coinciding with the publication of a new book by Times staff writer Elmer Davis: Another early article about the disease appeared in The Wall Street Journal on December 10,by Jerry Bishop, which documented how the Federal Center for Disease Control reported 74 patients, mostly homosexuals and drug users, died from an apparent defect in their immune systems.

Questions were raised, for instance, whether there ever was such a gang by that name. Atlanta while a big city, is also an agricultural capital. The businesses boycotted were supporting groups promoting racial superiority.

Lewis Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, had with Miller, along with four other reporters: Charles Merz wrote the editorial and many considered it representative of The New York Times principles.

Trump op-ed in New York Times passes the key tests

Joining the growing ranks of editorial employees seeking union representation, including most recently at the L. The Times had knowledge of the tests even before they took place but withheld reporting on it after leading scientists cautioned them that if word of this experiment were made public--protests in all likelihood would follow--which would have forced them to scrap the project.

Magazine advertisements begin using color ads. Reflecting the rise of feminism, the manual notes changes in how women should be addressed but refuses to accept the words "chairwoman," "chairperson", "spokeswoman" and "Ms.

Dryfoos is named The Times new publisher by the board of directors after Arthur Ochs Sulzberger steps down, assuming the title of chairman. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attacked the writer as a "disgruntled deceptive bad actor", adding: This experimental hook-up marks the first time New York Times articles became accessible electronically to the outside public.

Or, for that matter, a review of a movie or television show. It's slated to be a bi-weekly publication called "News in Review", consisting of 16 to 24 pages of articles and editorials previously published from The Times.

Al Horowitz introduces a chess column for the Sunday edition of The Times. The Times publish the British White Paper in its entirety, the document outlining Britain's decision to enter the war.

Each item will contain a brief description of its contents. Forming a union will also allow us to live the values we have espoused on our website and in the pages of our magazine.

Josh Austin, josh nyguild. After the New York City newspaper strike of that lasted days and caused the industry financial hardship beyond repair, the city's daily newspapers are quickly pared down. Nov 14,  · (Hong Kong) — The New York Times has embraced being a “subscription-first company” and is aiming to take full advantage of all platforms and storytelling methods in its journalism, New York Times Publisher A.G.

Sulzberger told Caixin on Tuesday. The New York Times: A Chronology: Researched and Compiled by Bill Lucey, June 25,revised May 23, September 18, Henry J. Raymond, Speaker of the New York State Assembly and George Jones, an Albany banker, begin publishing The New-York Daily Times at Nassau Street.

Note: Raymond worked for Horace Greeley at the New York Tribune before teaming. A Grim Endgame Looms in Syria. America needs a plan to protect civilians in the last province held by rebels. The New York Times stood by Jeong and clarified the aim of her tweets, writing, “[Jeong’s] journalism and the fact that she is a young Asian woman have made her a subject of frequent online.

New York Times Submission Guidelines. The New York Times provides several submission opportunities for readers. Opinion, travel and general article submissions are just a few of the items accepted by the popular magazine.

Following the guidelines set by the New York Times is important when submitting an item for. The New York Times Learning Network Student Editorial Contest Rubric Excellent (4) Proficient (3) Developing (2) Beginning (1) Viewpoint: Editorial states a clear opinion and issues a call to action.

Writing an editorial new york times
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New York Times Trump op-ed denied by senior officials - BBC News