My times aboard the uss cleveland

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Report to the quarterdeck on the double. I was such a kid, 18 thrown into A gang. The stone's inscription reads, in part: The admiral said what do you think chief. Roger Nash Chief Frederick R. And that future Sailor may eventually stand watch on the bridge of the USS Cleveland — and make you proud.

Cleveland, operating as an afloat forward-staging base, demonstrated the ability to direct multiple IPATs using its visit, board, search and seizure VBSS teams on maritime security missions while effectively maintaining command and control of aircraft.

Men were leaving the smaller ships to go to divine services ashore, because the smaller ships had no chaplains. On the dock, which was just a little lower than the boat deck we were standing on, another group of men was working with more dead. I asked one of the men what had happened to them, since they looked as though there were nothing wrong with them.

I had just finished signing when the shit hit the fan so to speak. Remember the lifeboat capsizing as per GMG3 Wisniewski.

One on the west coast and the other on the east coast. That meant limited electricity and water, which were furnished by the Navy yard.

We definitely miss seeing them at these get-togethers. I explained I had been held up by weather and the Admiral said he was as well. At sea, the Pennsylvania burned almost gallons of fuel per hour, per knot.

Remember you are on vacation, so enjoy yourself. Refreshments will be available in our Hospitality Room. Great memories on board the Concord. After all, how many still heed those bygone battle cries: We were all technical ratings who tried to help wherever we could, and I felt that our efforts were appreciated.

The Burmeisters - St. While on the train returning to Annapolis after my leave expired, I thought how lucky I was. Also, had quite a few memories of "trading movies" since the Airdales would drop me by horse collar on the fantails of tin cans and DE's which were too small for a true landing.

In retrospect I realize these were the best of days. Indeed, Cleveland has always risen with pride, not only for its uniformed service members, but for public servants of every calling: Not a fond memory, but one that stuck with me for a long time. By now the Arizona was blazing badly, the flames climbing high into the smoke.

Gitmo Bay,March ,Gunnery practice we could not hit the towed target behind the plane but managed to hit the tow cable.

After we left the yard, in about two weeks, it was another ship, all cleaned up and polished; it looked like what I thought a flagship of the U. Seems someone thought the best place to keep the combination was IN the new safe.

USS Cleveland (LPD 7)

I asked someone if that was the correct time. It boosts efficiency and may become the standard for maritime security patrols.

We were sure the Arizona had been our destination when the fire and rescue party first had been called away. Devon sings with the Cleveland Singing Angels, a singing group that performs all over. The Japanese had submarines inside and outside the channel to sink any vessel that would try to escape, like putting a cork in a bottle.

His career was interrupted by the Korean War from May to April Just follow the others in the rescue party. He took out 3 or 4 pilings We stood there for a few minutes then I spotted it, the wake of a torpedo heading straight for us.

He was not only part of the ET gang, but also the ships photographer and got to know many of the crew.

US families, friends of missing sailors proud, praying

He was a founding member of the Association. It was only when looking about the Navy yard that it was brought to mind how much we had lost. USS CLEVELAND was the fourth amphibious transport dock in the AUSTIN class and the third ship in the Navy to bear the name of the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

One of MY favorites was the target tow line, which has already been mentioned in your sea stories. Another was the installation of the new safe. Seems someone thought the best place to keep the combination was IN the new safe. Tin Can Sailors Shipmate Registry Click on the ship's name to see who has logged in.

To add your data, click here. came aboard from uss luce, great crew DD James D. Byrnes FN? Great ship, great shipmates, one of the best times of my life. DD Owen Sampson unknown unknown Stevegianniny (AT); Owen passed away.

USS Sumner- Veterans Reunion comes to HAAF

I was aboard the HANCOCK when the steam catapult was squadron was VF and we flew the F7U rate was AD2(aviation mechanic) and I was plane website is a great tribute to your for all you gave in doing this.

My main goal now is to find any members of CL USS Philidelphia Flagship many times over of the atlantic fleet. Served with an Andy Anderson aboard the Roanoke, but he was a striker for FC. Nice webpage.

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date: Friday, December 05, at (CST) (Cleveland Tennessee) My youngest son is attending Central Michigan University and. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Dave Lange after Lange had transferred to duty aboard the USS Forrestal aircraft carrier with a helicopter anti-submarine squadron, and the weekly Chagrin Valley Times.

My times aboard the uss cleveland
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