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This would stir up major complications within cities. I live in Bath. There can be an amount of twelve people all on one bus together instead of twelve people each in an individual car. People ran after the fast running bus to cling to the handle even after seeing many people were still hanging out from the doors of the bus, they climbed and held the handle and hung just like Tarzan on trees.

I stood there for a second, until I saw him hang up. In conclusion, we should use public transportation, because it is good for environment, it is cheap, and it has better accessibility. Just then, a medic walked up to me, and started to clean my face with alcohol rub.

Click here to read his essay. Where I live there is no bus to the nearest town. Instead, the candidate writes about prices and costs.

Similarly, in the second body paragraph, it is not quite clear how the last sentence fits with the topic of the paragraph. Grammar and Vocabulary The vocabulary in this student's IELTS sample writing is basically adequate to answer the question and the grammar errors do not cause too much difficulty when reading the essay.

Essay cars buses are some pros and cons of each. A city that restricts motor vehicles would be easier to navigate by people of all ages and abilities.

He opened the door, and then I told him that my dad was there, I spotted him again, then ran into his arms. Instead, I mostly walk with the aid of a small London A-Z, taking all the side roads and walking through parks.

Also, negative tension would arise among those that do not use the public transportation systems because they would be paying for a commodity that they do not use. Would you rather pay for auto repairs, replacement parts or even a whole car itself and pay for gas for life or would you rather buy a bus pass or pay around a dollar to get taken to wherever you please.

So systems that make the choice easy will win out. With more drivers purchasing electric and hybrid electric vehicles, we have been able to decrease these harmful emissions.

Essay for School Students on Journey by Bus

Public Transport and Cars by Sui The rising levels of congestion and air pollution found in most of the world cities can be attributed directly to the rapidly increasing number of private cars in use. This is why I tend to avoid car rentals in Europe unless absolutely necessary.

Even though it is a waste of time that people have to wait for a buses, taxis, subway or sky train, it will not take people a long time to reach their destination because public transportation nowadays are developed to be faster and more convenient for citizens.

Why Trains Are Better Than Cars, Planes, and Buses

Returns Most rentals require you to return your car to the place you started, which limits your options. My little brother is an asthmatic, so I immediately alerted a medic. I gasped for air … and looked here and there for a little opening of a window.

We quickly arrived at the hospital where we were each assigned a room, my friend and I were in a room together, and my brothers were each in their own rooms. Secondly, we should focus on the cost of using public transportation. What Students Believe Throughout the school year, young people around the world write statements of belief as a classroom exercise.

I agree with the way to solve this problem by encourage people to use public transportation This should be: I shed a tear, then quickly ran across the now, very backed up intersection, to the gas station across the way.

Most of us will use a combination of the above to achieve our travel objectives. When we were fully out of the car, my mom was still trapped inside. In addition to the environmental and monetary benefits of electric and electric hybrid vehicles, these are also safer automobiles.

Another distinction between private and public transportation is that passengers on public transportation typically must share their space with large groups of strangers, while users of private transportation may often choose to be alone or with their own party in a vehicle.

Murrow's radio series of the s. Anyone who has walked along the Marylebone road would agree that as long as motor vehicles are powered by the internal combustion engine we cannot improve the quality of life in big cities like London.

These reasons are that environmental effects of using public transportation, cost of public transportation, and accessibility of public transportation.

I left and walked down the Mall, across Trafalgar Square which is a beautiful spot but thoroughly ruined by the traffic. Most people choose to live outside cities and large towns because it is less congested and built on!. Traffic congestion is a critical problem which happens on roads which make traffic busy because roads full of cars and buses.

Nov 19,  · How to Make a Paper Car. In this Article: Article Summary Making a Flat Origami Car Making a Moving Car Community Q&A A fun project to enjoy with your children is to make paper cars together. Best of all, your child will have a paper car to play with K.

Those in favor of seat belts on school buses say that teaching children to buckle up in any vehicle should be a consistent message. But NAPT President Donald Carnahan says, "Seat belts in cars and lap belts on school buses are completely different safety issues.".

Transport in Sri Lanka is based on its road network, which is centred on the country's capital Colombo. A rail network handles a portion of Sri Lanka 's transport needs. There are navigable waterways, harbours and two international airports: in Katunayake, 22 miles (35 km) north of.

Cars and global warming Global warming endangers our health, jeopardizes our national security, and threatens other basic human needs. Some impacts —such as record high temperatures, rising seas, and severe flooding and droughts—are already increasingly common.

Cars run over Buses It is the speed of the wheels that ignites excitement; it is the sound of the engine that attracts attention, and it is the grip on the steering wheel that gives the sense of control.

Essay cars buses
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